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Where are the ants coming from?

There are two general types of ant control issues we commonly come across: ants nesting in your home, and ants that raid your pantry but live outdoors. When you come across one of these unwanted visitors, it is important to follow their behavior and inspect your home.

Follow the ants you come across in your home and follow their trail. The easiest way to find a trail is to scan the edges of your floors, walls, doors and windows, especially in the kitchen area.

Ants that live outside travel into your kitchen looking for food then return outside to their nest. Ants nesting within your home become a year-round problem.

It is always a good idea to call an experienced residential pest exterminator to handle your ant control problem. Whether you have ants foraging your kitchen or living within your walls, you want a professional pest control technician to ensure your unwanted visitors remain outside your home. Call now to set up a consultation! 
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Dealing with Carpenter Ants

If you suspect you’re dealing with carpenter ants, call Advanced Exterminating Co. immediately. Carpenter ants burrow through wood to shape their nests. It is important to call a professional to deal with your carpenter ant control problem before they cause serious damage to the structure of your home.

Know When You’re Dealing With Carpenter Ants:

1. Carpenter ants are longer than most ants, ranging from 3.5 to 13 millimeters long. They are a dark brown, red, or black.
2. Look for burrowing debris such as sawdust throughout your home – this may be a sign that the ants are nesting nearby.
3. Trails of ants between your home and decaying wood outside.
4. Rustling sounds within your walls.

Advanced Exterminating Co. serves Buffalo, NY as a top ant control company in Western New York. Our expert exterminators use environmentally save methods to handle the daunting task of a new pest infestation. Call us today at (716) 826-2710 for an estimate on ant control!
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