Summer Bugs

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Tips and Tricks from Advanced Exterminating Co. in Buffalo, NY

Residential Pest Control: Bees, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches and More!

With another beautiful Buffalo summer right around the corner, homeowners are enjoying the outdoors throughout Western New York. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than spending time on your deck or patio. Nothing ruins a beautiful summer day in your garden, pool or yard than crawling, biting, buzzing insects.

Advanced Exterminating Co. in Buffalo, NY is here to help you keep insect intruders at bay both inside and outside your home. Follow our guidelines below to keep bugs from ruining your summer!

Professional Bee and Wasp Control

As bothersome as bees and wasps may be, ridding your yard of them can be a nightmare. When it comes to bee and wasp control we highly recommend professional services so you don’t find yourself repeatedly treating nests or hives (or worse, making their residents). Professional treatment is the safe, efficient option when looking to keep stinging insects out of your hard.

Avoid Sweet Smelling Perfumes and Hair Products

Bugs love your fruity shampoos and tropical perfumes just as much as you do. With fruits and flowers at the center of many insect diets, they’ll naturally be drawn in by sweet or floral scents. Try and stay away from sweet smelling personal products during the spring and summer months.

Refresh Your Garden Staples

Filling your garden with natural insect repellents are an effective and eco-friendly way to keep biting insects and garden pests from ruining your yard. Insect repelling plants are a green and cost effective way to enjoy your yard at any time day or night without the harmful chemicals in store bought repellents. Try adding some of the following plants to your yard to keep bugs out:

Citronella: A natural ingredient in many commercial insect repellents and candles, citronella offers a powerful lemon scent to ward off biting insects like mosquitoes and flies.
• Lemon Balm: Rubbing crushed lemon balm leaves on exposed skin leaves a layer of lemon scent that repels most biting insects.
• Catnip: Catnip is an excellent repellent of mosquitoes and cockroaches with studies showing better results than DEET and other popular commercial products. Like lemon balm, catnip is to be crushed and rubbed onto exposed skin like lemon balm.
• Marigolds: A bright and colorful addition to any garden, marigolds keep mosquitoes and garden pests out of your yard. Not only do they offer repellent properties, the flowers are edible too!
• Lavender: With a calming scent and soft purple flowers, lavender is an excellent herb to keep in your garden. Easily grown inside by your windows, Lavender is especially repellent to mosquitoes and gnats.
• Peppermint: Crushed peppermint leaves serve as an insect repellent and natural itch relief for bug bites.

Bring in a Bat

As much as you hate bugs, bats love them. A single bat can kill off over 600 mosquitoes in an hour! Build a bat house and plant some night-blooming flowers in your garden.

Bug Repelling Campfires

Nothing ruins a summer campfire like a mosquito swarm. Burning sage or rosemary in the fire is a quick and easy way to keep pests at bay.

Advanced Exterminating Co. serves Buffalo as one of the most trusted commercial and residential pest control companies in the region. Call today or Contact Us for services in Buffalo, the Southtowns, Amherst, Tonawanda and Williamsville.
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