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What to know and what to do when bedbugs invade your home.

Have you been waking up in the morning with patches of new, itchy welts that look like mosquito bites? You will want to thoroughly evaluate your home for a bedbug infestation, especially if you have recently acquired any used furniture. Bedbugs are flat, oval, brown insects approximately five millimeters in length. With the ability to lay hundreds of eggs over a lifetime, you want to identify and address your pest problem as soon as possible before the situation gets out of control.

There are many different ways these invaders could have found their way into your home. They may have come in through luggage, used clothing or furniture. Bedbugs hide in groups in any protected location, most commonly in mattresses, box springs, headboards and bed frames where they can easily feed at night. Larger infestations will have bedbugs hiding in drawer joints, wall seams, loose wallpaper and wall hangings, even in the folds and seams of other furniture throughout your home. Signs of an infestation include eggs and eggshells, small dark spots where the insects may have bled on fabric, and rusty stains from crushed bedbugs.

Bedbugs prove very difficult to get rid of. If you feel like your situation has gotten out of control, it is strongly advised to hire a trained, experienced pest control professional. Throwing out bug-ridden items may spread the infestation to another home and many expensive items can be treated and saved. Addressing your bedbug invasion as efficiently as possible allows you to quickly return to your everyday activities. Properly preparing your home for our professionals is one of the first steps to becoming bedbug-free.
Bed Bug Control Buffalo, NY
First, remove as much clutter from your home as possible – this prevents the spread of bedbugs and makes the extermination process more effective. Infested objects should be removed and placed in trash bags to be placed outside your home. Any paper or cardboard clutter should be discarded and old, unused clothing should be thrown away. Move your bed away from the walls of your room and remove as many bugs and eggs as possible from your bed, boxspring and headboard. Next, trap what insects are left into bed bug encasements and use bed bug interceptors under each leg of your bed (both can be purchased online or in a homestore near you). 

Be sure to clean your infested belongings (clothing, bedding, etc.) and treat heat them in your household dryer on high heat for a half hour. When vacuuming, vacuum up baby powder or some other talc so that the bedbugs can’t escape then place the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag outside.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your home and prepared for your extermination, you are ready for one of our pest control professionals to take care of your problem. With 37 years of experience we know the best way to rid your home of bedbugs for good. Call Advanced Exterminating for an estimate today before your infestation gets out of hand. Contact us today to set up a consultation!
Bed Bug Control Buffalo, NY
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